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This is precisely what glass or plastic requires. Also, friction will wear down the material and force a replacement sooner than originally promised. You have to service that manufactured replacement at home, too.When a prosthetic eye replaces the original, artificial eye lubricant is essential. Many of them tried over the counter saline drops first. Your prosthetic may be made from a number of different things. Dont sweat this one. In general, Si is known for the ability to lubricate, waterproof and even provide shine. This avoids irritation, itching and stabs of pain around the eye. So you find it in personal care products for hair. . You now know what to look for. It spreads soothing moisture around the orb. Silicone beats saline Tears are salty saline, so artificial tears are usually saline. 100 silicone drops have given hundreds of prosthetic eye wearers the comfort they seek. Cyclopentasiloxane (or CPS) is as thin as water. Si is right for any of them. Salt water dries quickly. Ive just described the qualities of silicone. Silicone drops The best 100 drops combine various forms of silicone (Si for short). Our bodies constantly bathe biological eyes. In other words, the stuff is very safe when used on the human body. Your choice of a lubricant will mean the difference between barely noticing you wear the device, and unnerving soreness. An artificial eye lubricant must not dry quickly. Its safe. The human body cannot produce enough tears to keep an artificial eye wet. Prosthetic lube must be very different from tears, and from drug store teardrops.

This is one reason your ocularist may take it out for a polishing to reduce friction. Just what the doctor ordered for lubrication. Your ocularist will show you how to properly clean it periodically, especially if you suffer from natural buildup that can occur around the socket. For example, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol are thick and heavy formulas. If saline alone did the job, there would be no need for an artificial eye lubricant. Whatever yours is made of, you have to keep it lubricated. Go with 100 Si. You Can Make Your Choice of Artificial Eye Lubricant Easy Youve had so many difficult decisions to make on the road from surgery to cosmetic replacement. Think of how quickly you get streaks on your face after a good cry or reaction to dust and allergies. Your ocularist probably has a favorite he or she will recommend. Or search the internet on your own. Common sense tells us the makeup of a replacement eye is quite different, so a very different lubrication is called for. Were talking about a significant decision you can make simple. It is thick and formulated Lamination Glue to spread evenly. Why bother with a moisturizer made from other ingredients or lesser strengths of Si? Consider the list of positives: Si never fully dries, so you will not have to replace it hourly, as you would with lesser formulas. It is FDA approved. Its best when it is thicker, and viscous, which means sticky and adhesive. But to help the heavier compound spread evenly, it is combined with a lightweight form. Some are thicker. Si is 100 percent effective, and available in 100 strength.

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